Argo Infrastructure’s fully franked interim dividend increases by +17% Read announcement

Factors driving the infrastructure opportunity

Portfolio Manager Ben Morton discusses the secular drivers and key subsector themes in infrastructure

2020 Annual General Meeting

Argo Infrastructure's 2020 AGM

2020 AGM - Chairman's Address

Chairman Russell Higgins AO addresses Argo Infrastructure's 2020 AGM

2020 AGM - Managing Director's Address

Managing Director Jason Beddow addresses Argo Infrastructure's 2020 AGM


3.5 cents

Fully franked interim dividend of 3.5 cents per share

$352 million

Argo Infrastructure has assets of $352 million

ASX code: ALI

ASX 'ticker' to buy and sell shares

9,400 shareholders

Argo Infrastructure has more than 9,400 shareholders


Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited (Argo Infrastructure) (ASX code: ALI) is a listed investment company established in 2015 by Argo Investments to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of global listed infrastructure securities.

Argo Infrastructure has assets of approximately $352 million invested on behalf of more than 9,500 shareholders.

The investment portfolio is diversified by geography and infrastructure subsectors, including airports, water, pipelines, railways, ports, satellites, toll roads, telecommunications towers and electricity, gas and renewable energy utilities.

Argo Infrastructure’s objectives are to provide shareholders with a mix of long-term capital growth and dividend income, and to provide important diversification benefits to Australian investors.

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