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About Argo Global Listed Infrastructure

Managing Director Jason Beddow discusses Argo Global Listed Infrastructure

Infrastructure and the economic cycle

Portfolio manager Bob Becker discusses the performance of listed infrastructure and the economic cycle

Why invest in global listed infrastructure?

Portfolio manager Bob Becker describes the benefits of global listed infrastructure

About the portfolio manager

Portfolio manager Bob Becker discusses Cohen & Steers


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Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited (AGLI) (ASX code: ALI) is a listed investment company established in 2015 by Argo Investments to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of global listed infrastructure securities.

The infrastructure sector is diversified by geography and infrastructure sub-sectors, including airports, water, pipelines, railways, ports, satellites, toll roads, telecommunications towers and electricity, gas and renewable energy utilities.

The objectives are to provide shareholders with a mix of long-term capital growth and dividend income, and to provide important diversification benefits to Australian investors.

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