Our story


Argo Global Listed Infrastructure Limited (AGLI) (ASX code:ALI) is an ASX listed investment company which was established in 2015 to provide Australian equity investors an exposure to a diversified portfolio of securities in the global listed infrastructure sector. 

The Company’s Portfolio consists of an actively managed, diversified set of global listed infrastructure securities diversified by country and sub-sector.

The Company provides investors with the opportunity to invest in an actively managed Portfolio with access to the investment management experience and expertise of the Portfolio Manager in an Australian listed company vehicle.

Corporate Structure

The Company has appointed Argo Service Company Pty Ltd (ASCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Argo Investments Limited (Argo) to be its manager and agent to manage the affairs of the Company under the Management Agreement. ASCO has been authorised to manage the Portfolio, including by appointing and supervising the Portfolio Manager, and managing the administrative affairs of the Company.

The Portfolio Manager, Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc. is a highly regarded global investment manager specialising in real assets, including listed infrastructure, real estate securities, natural resource equities, and commodity futures. It was established in 1986, and its parent company was subsequently publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 2004 under the ticker CNS. The firm has offices in New York, Seattle, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.