Our people

Argo Global Listed Infrastructure consists of an experienced Board, manager and portfolio manager.

Board - Argo Global Listed Infrastructure

The composition of the Board of Directors provides AGLI with a broad range of skills and experience, particularly in the funds management, infrastructure and financial services sectors.

Manager - Argo Investments


Argo is an Australian listed investment company. Argo is a long-term investor in Australian equities and has been steadily building a large, diversified portfolio since 1946. Argo believes in the cumulative effect of investing in quality companies over a long-term horizon and avoids the temptation to seek short-term gains in high-risk situations.

Portfolio manager - Cohen & Steers


Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc. is a highly regarded global investment manager specialising in real assets, including listed infrastructure. Cohen & Steers was established in 1986 and its parent company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2004 (NYSE: CNS). Cohen & Steers' market capitalisation is approximately AUD2.5 billion.

The firm has offices in New York, Seattle, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo and global infrastructure analysts averaging 12 years of infrastructure-related investment experience.

Cohen & Steers manages approximately AUD85 billion of funds on behalf of clients including mutual funds, pension plans, endowment funds and investment companies (including superannuation assets in Australia).

Cohen & Steers’ size and scale provides access to company management, regulators and other market participants which contributes to its rigorous and disciplined investment process. The firm maintains a broad equity ownership among employees which provides continuity of management and investment professionals.