The Directors have declared:

2019 Interim dividend2.50 cents per share (fully franked 27.5%)
Ex-dividend date
Record date
Election date
Payment date
1 March 2019
4 March 2019
5 March 2019
22 March 2019

Shareholders with registered addresses in Australia or New Zealand may elect to have their dividends automatically reinvested in AGLI shares by participating in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP).

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The DRP will operate for the 2019 Interim dividend as follows:

  • Shares issued under the DRP will be priced at the volume-weighted average market price for the 4 trading days commencing from 4 March 2019 to 7 March 2019 inclusive.
  • Shares issued under the DRP will rank equally in all respects with existing shares.

The DRP terms are reviewed prior to each dividend payment and the DRP terms that will apply to future dividends will be announced to the ASX at the relevant times.

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Dividend history table

Ex-dividend datePayment dateDividend amount (cps)Type
01/03/1922/03/192.5Fully franked; DRP NIL discount - price TBA
07/09/1828/09/182.5Fully franked; DRP NIL discount - price $1.91
02/03/1823/03/181.25Unfranked; DRP NIL discount - price $1.69
08/09/1729/09/172.5Unfranked; DRP NIL discount - price $1.74
03/03/1724/03/171.0Unfranked; DRP 5% discount - price $1.71
30/08/1614/09/162.5Unfranked; DRP 5% discount - price $1.78
25/02/1618/03/160.5Unfranked; DRP 5% discount - price $1.68