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Meet the manager – Bob Becker, Cohen & Steers

While AGLI portfolio manager Bob Becker was in Australia recently for our national roadshow, we took the opportunity to ask him about his 25 years of investing in infrastructure, what attracts him to the asset class and how observing the collapse of Enron made him a better investor.

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Understanding global listed infrastructure

Published in Equity (Australian Shareholders' Association)

Jason Beddow, Managing Director

After numerous government privatisations over many years, infrastructure is well understood by Australian investors. However, the domestic market is limited to less than 15 infrastructure stocks, predominantly focused on toll roads, utilities and airports. Considerably more opportunities exist beyond our shores. Globally, there are more than 360 listed infrastructure companies across emerging and developed economies, representing more than a dozen subsectors, including assets not available through ASX-listed infrastructure companies.

For Australian investors with portfolios heavily weighted to domestic equities, the global listed infrastructure sector provides a valuable diversification opportunity and exposure to an asset class with defensive qualities and stable long-term returns...

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