Why invest


Diversification with administrative ease

AGLI shares offer exposure to a portfolio of around 50-100 global listed infrastructure companies via a single shareholding. This allows AGLI shareholders to achieve international diversification without the need to maintain and monitor a portfolio of different holdings. In addition, the administrative burden is eased, as you only receive dividends and correspondence from one company.

Long-term share price and dividend growth

AGLI's business objective is to provide a total return for long-term investors consisting of dividend income and capital growth.

Closed-end listed fund with no debt

Some unlisted managed funds are forced to sell portfolio stocks when investors wish to redeem their units. As a listed investment company, AGLI’s portfolio is separated from the activity of buyers and sellers of AGLI shares as they trade with one another on the share market. This closed-end structure, coupled with the absence of debt, is ideally suited to building a long-term portfolio because AGLI is not forced to sell desirable stocks in order to satisfy fund outflows.


If you wish to sell some or all of your investment in AGLI, you simply sell the desired number of shares on the Australian Securities Exchange. Argo does not charge exit fees and your only costs will be brokerage charges payable to your share broker. As with other sales of shares, the proceeds will be available  2 business days later. (changed to T + 2 from 7 March 2016)

Transparency and corporate governance

As a public company, AGLI’s operations are overseen by the Board of Directors on behalf of all shareholders. The Directors, other than the Managing Director, are elected by shareholders and are subject to re-election at the Annual General Meeting at least once every three years.

As a listed company, AGLI regularly discloses up to date information to the public via Australian Securities Exchange announcements including: monthly net tangible asset backing (NTA) per share, twice-yearly financial results and a comprehensive Annual Report.