When will AGLI begin paying dividends?

AGLI only commenced operations in July this year and the Company cannot provide dividend guidance at this early stage.

However, the Company’s first half-year result for the period ending 31 December, 2015 is expected to be announced to the ASX in mid-February 2016 and this announcement will contain commentary regarding any dividends to be paid at that time.

We intend to pay dividends twice per year in the future.

What are the Option details?

Each Option entitles the option holder to subscribe for one fully paid ordinary Share in the capital of the Company.

An Option may be exercised by delivery to the Company of a duly completed Notice of Exercise of Option, together with payment to the Company of $2.00 per Option being exercised and the relevant option certificate.

An Option may be exercised on any Business Day from the Option Exercise Commencement Date (being the Allotment Date) to the Option Exercise Expiry Date, being 31 March 2017 (inclusive) but not thereafter.

Is there currency hedging?

No, it is currently unhedged

What is the benchmark?

Blended benchmark being 90% of the FTSE Global Core Infrastrucutre 50/50 Index (net total return AUD) and 10% of the BofA Merrill Lynch Fixed Rate Preferred Securities Index (P0P1) (AUD)

Argo's Investment?

Argo has invested $25 million in the inital public offering

What is Infrastructure?

Infrastructure assets are services and facilities that typically provide the physical framework that society requires to function on a daily basis and include utilities, pipelines, toll roads, airports, railroads, marine ports and telecommunication assets.

Is there a performance fee?

There will be no performance fee payable to the Manager.

What is the difference between Issuer Sponsored and Chess Sponsored share holdings?

AGLI shares can either be sponsored by AGLI itself or by your broker. If your shares are sponsored by AGLI, they are known as Issuer Sponsored and are held on the Issuer Sponsored Subregister. Issuer Sponsored shares have a Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) beginning with ‘I’ and can be traded through any broker.

However, if you have signed an agreement with your broker that the broker sponsors your shares, the shares are held on the Chess Subregister. You will have the same Holder Identification Number (HIN), starting with ‘X’, for all your various shareholdings sponsored with that broker.

AGLI's share registry is managed by Computershare Investor Services Pty. Limited and most queries regarding your Argo shareholding can be resolved by accessing the website www.investorcentre.com or by telephoning 1300 350 716 (within Australia) or +613 9415 4296 (outside Australia).

For further information regarding Chess please refer to www.asx.com.au.

My address has changed – who do I notify?

If you are Chess Sponsored (Holder Identification Number (HIN) starting with ‘X’) you will need to advise your broker who will arrange for the change to be noted in the Company’s share register.

If you are Issuer Sponsored (Shareholder Reference Number (SRN) starting with ‘I’) you should visit the websitewww.investorcentre.com to update your details. Alternatively, you can write to Computershare Investor Services Pty. Limited with details of the change and which of your accounts it affects. Please include the signature of all holders/directors/trustees, as applicable.

How do I sell my AGLI shares?

To sell some or all of your AGLI shares, you need to contact a sharebroker, who will arrange to sell your shares on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). If you do not currently have a sharebroker, the ASX provides a service which can assist you in choosing a broker who can best attend to your requirements (www.asx.com.au/prices/find-broker.htm). The sharebroker will charge a brokerage fee each time a transaction takes place and therefore, the larger the transaction, normally the smaller will be the brokerage in percentage terms. If you do not require advice, using an internet broker is usually more cost efficient than a full-service sharebroker. Argo does not charge exit fees to shareholders.